Inspired by traditional cushions, Sentat has evolved the concept of seating to create a comfortable, functional and very strong product. Designed by Studio Bermúdez -founded in 2007 by industrial designer Inma Bermúdez, in 2009 Moritz Krefter joined the studio- Punto takes into account everyday use, taking usability further still to become the ideal companion in modern spaces.

A seating conceived for high traffic spaces, that you can easily store and that allow you to have extra seatings.Punto is made with injected polyurethane mousse in a previously coloured mould. Once the process is finished, each piece is retouched by hand with thanks to our knowledgable team. Made in Spain and 100% recyclable, Punto has been awarded in the 2019 ADCV Awards and Delta Selection in the ADI-FAD Awards 2020.

The aim of Sentat is to help – thanks to creative and functional products – creating new spaces that have a positive impact on people and the environment. “Flowing spaces” is the name given to this concept, for people “who flow”. Its goal is very simple: create fun, functional spaces that encourage creativity, teamwork and communication.

Sentat has brought out the best in the designers’ talent to create a clean, practical and functional collection with good vibes. It is about designing innovative products that are not only useful but also contribute to people’s wellness. Corporate offices, co-working sites, libraries, educational centres, businesses, sports facilities and of course terraces and swimming pools… Is there anything more important than people in an organization?

The project is still young, but from sunny Valencia, Sentat reaches out to the whole world.