In order to let our existence no longer be at the expense of our environment, we need to make changes in our behaviour and develop new ideas about a rich life. As a designer, Floris Schoonderbeek feels the need to look for new habits and new products, for a nature-inclusive and high-quality existence. By experimenting and doing, you learn to understand the technique and quality of the experience. You feel the sensation or experience a product can bring”, says Floris. This effect is essential in the positive behavioural change that should arise from the use of these products, and that is necessary for a broad sustainable transformation.
With a self-build camper as a mobile workshop, he has hit the road to search, experience and experiment with other thinkers and doers – in order to come up with new solutions. Recalculating Route is the experimental road trip by Studio Floris Schoonderbeek that makes the design process – and the search that precedes these solutions – visible.In this way, a rain barrel becomes not only a functional sustainable object but also a lesson in (rain) water use. And so the Botanictub shows how you can experience peace and luxury in a natural environment while having a positive impact on that same environment. In short: a rich life through and in balance with nature.For years Floris has been working with his studio in varying collaborations on behaviour-changing projects. He founded the outdoor design products label Weltevree, helped to lay the foundation of sustainable mobility in the Netherlands and developed the innovative and sustainable Groundfridge. With Recalculating Route he embarks on a new adventure and literally chooses a new path.This project is an invitation and encouragement to use our knowledge and skills in a different way. After all, the change will not happen by following the old route.The Recalculating Route serie of routine-changing and nature-inclusive products will be at Dutch Design Week from 17 – 25 October 2020, at Kazerne – Home of Design. The exposition runs until February 2021.