Saverio Palatella invites to fight for your right

“The feminine determines itself and is ready to rule. The chosen logo is the synthesis of the new feminine. Fashion and clothing, in general, are increasingly committed to sensitizing the world to new demands,” stated the eclectic and lucid fashion designer Saverio Palatella. “To celebrate the strength of women we have created this communication project.”
The expedient and the more than one hundred years since the recognition of the vote for women, taking up the image of suffragettes during the campaign for the vote from 1908 onwards.Saverio Palatella Fall-Winter 2020/21 – Spring 2021 collection summarizes and celebrates this path by proposing for two consecutive seasons: 4 models for women and 2 for men in 100% cashmere. The colours: black, deep blue, flannel grey, apricot, white.Milan based, Saverio Palatella expresses himself through knitwear and has the opulence of style and design. Saverio’s fashion career began in the early 1980s when he attended the international fashion design school Ecole Berçot, in Paris. He is one of the most respected knitwear experts and is recognized by the fashion press and buyers for the transformation of knitwear from “accessory” to ready-to-wear garment and tricot couture. Saverio Palatella is also well-known for his design consulting for various brands.

The products are an epitome of Italian design and craftsmanship and embody the value of ‘Made in Italy’ to create a timeless elegant collection. Always ahead of time, he uses the finest of fibres and attention to detail is given for a contemporary and refined style. He has also explored the ways of communicating with the emotions of the audience by collaborating with artists for theatre projects and developing music, short movies and video art.  

Photo: Amilcare Incalza