This season, SCHEPPERHEYN pays tribute to MONTY PYTHON in their 50‘s anniversary.

Original prints from their iconic video How not to be seen are combined with the clean design signature of SCHEPPERHEYN. The collection pieces are inspired by Monty Python‘s humorous imagery and emphasise sustainability, craftsmanship and genderless aesthetics.The Unisex label founded by Verena Schepperheyn in Berlin explores the topic of coexistence of being or not being seen in the collection details and finishings – things that you can see only if you open the garment or take a closer look. For example in using bright coloured drawstring tunnels, contrasting coloured lining, buttons or topstitching. The cuff closure solutions and partially hidden pockets in different execution serve not only to represent the inspiration for the collection but also to keep up Schepperheyn‘s love and attention for extraordinary elements.

SCHEPPERHEYN continues to spread genderless vibes within the new Unisex collection, merging tailoring with work-and streetwear. Checked and padded materials are combined with fabrics such as cotton shirting, organic jerseys, recycled denim and coated textiles. The sharp colour palette includes brick red, pink, black, navy, eggshell and green Cheetah. A knitted wool and printed silk Scarfs, mini wallets and multi-loop belts complete the collection range.


Techniques such as embroidery, prints and textile manipulation in combination with strong shapes are at the core of the brand’s spirit. It‘s a reconstruction of classical forms by providing them with new contexts and modern proportions, juxtapositioning the rough and refined. All products are born and produced in Germany.

In recent years, Schepperheyn has received the Premium Young Designers Award 2016 for the best Menswear Label and has been nominated for the German Design Award 2016 and the WGSN Future Award 2016 in the emerging brand category.

Past collections have been showcased at Copenhagen Fashion Week, London Fashion Week Men‘s and Amsterdam Fashion Week.