HENRY & CO. is a communication and design studio active since 2013 focused on sustainability and circular projects, that helps companies in the product development and communication services following the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

The main demand of the industrial world is no longer to produce and build new products but to rethink existing ones, not only by aesthetic and functional improvements but also by the manufacturing process and end-of-life disposal.

Sustainability is the right lever to grow, so companies need to fill themselves with professionals capable of bringing long-term value. As Antonella Manenti, Alex Crestan and Francesco Trubian do.HENRY & CO. is not only design, marketing and innovation, but it is an eye on the future, a sustainable future. Their first project was a Rocking Horse made of Canapalithos, MDF of Hemp Sativa and royal jelly.

ROCKING HORSE in Canapalithos

HENRY & CO. drives forward the artistic direction with companies, often considered a positive “trauma”. Through the Circular Design Thinking method, the Studio brings to light the values and strengths of companies to prepare them to compete in the market of the future.

Brand identity and packaging for Dutch company Yousea specialized in ecological cleaning products

HENRY & CO. took part to the Salone Satellite 2019 with Pensieromateria, a designer collective that was born from a common vision of HENRY & CO. and Luca Alessandrini in the field of sustainable design. They developed objects from the recovery of some food waste, such as tomatoes, coffee, oranges and mycelium, corn, clay.

Inbox, Pensieromateria

Among the objects presented Arc, lamp made with Autogrill’s Wascoffee material. Inbox – Tomato Basket, Tomato Cuttlery, Tomato Plate – made from tomato waste. And Peel Chandelier with orange waste.

For the 50th anniversary of the Parco Natura Viva of Bussolengo (VR, Italy), HENRY & CO. and PensieroMateria in June 2019 created a series of illustrations of some risk of extinction animals in the park and those will be sold in the internal shop, bringing their contribution shown some case histories of sustainable design.


Last January, the first SmartBin, the innovative collector of used diapers designed by HENRY & CO for FaterSmart, was installed and presented in Verona (Italy) near the main Esselunga stores of the city.

The ambitious project of FaterSmart – a joint venture between P&G and Angelini Group – involves the recycling of used diapers to obtain Secondary Raw Materials ready to be used in the production of new products, creating a new virtuous sustainable circle. SmartBins are intelligent collectors equipped with an opening system managed by an APP that rewards users. Thanks to this project, HENRY & CO confirms its mission as a design studio focused on sustainability.