The match between Adrenalina and Debonademeo designer duo yields new experimental scenarios with a more sober and essential design. Adrenalina is a haven for visionary creativity, space where diversity is a value to be protected. A brand of Domingo Salotti, Adrenalina was born in 1999 out of the desire to conceive eclectic and innovative designs for upholstered furniture for commercial and residential use. Adrenalina reinterprets armchairs, sofas and modular padded seating furniture as iconic and sculptural elements that, although stunning, are always extremely comfortable.The absolute relevance of the artisan’s craftsmanship is one of the elements that make both Debonademeo’s and Adrenalina’s designing universe rotate: masterful experienced manufacture is what makes the difference when a clean simple line with very refined details is what you’re after.

“We had been keeping an eye on Adrenalina, as their iconic design is never banal and the shapes and colours they always dare with are a sign of veritable expressive freedom”, Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo said. Once welcomed in, we realized that that sense of freedom is the pulsing heart of the company, indeed, and you can recognize it in each single manufacturing phase, from briefing meetings to the finalization of each new project, from prototyping to the choice of materials, finishings and fabrics. That sense of freedom also matches the unmistakable professional skills and know-how of all of those who contribute to the development of the new series.”Swing is a series of sofas and armchairs that mixes canon and innovative design. A tubular metal frame is anchored to the upholstered seating shell with real leather and fabrics by Pierre Frey, and Kvadrat wool fabrics. “We conceived a sort of synesthesia to combine different sensations. The rigidity of the frame is tamed by the softness of the padding; the cold metal wears the warmth of the fabrics, chosen according to their function” state the designers. “At first glance, the design seems seriously rigorous, but as you sit down the feeling changes and extreme relaxing comfort is what prevails. This is why we called it Swing, as the shape of the sofa recalls hanging gliders and the swinging and dynamic rhythm of the music and dance from the 1920s and 1930s that pairs the curved and straight lines that intersect vertically and horizontally with the alternating solid and empty spaces that define its shape.”Architect Luca De Bona and designer Dario De Meo met on the path between Milan and the Veneto region and began a partnership that draws inspiration from travelling to produce signs and designs that answer the needs of the contemporary habitat. In 2013 they founded the Debonademeo studio in Padua and started to collaborate with prestigious furniture, lighting, decoration companies dealing with interior design, art direction, concept design and product development. Their micro and macro-scale research reinterpret and merge various areas – architecture, design, graphics and art – to create innovative environments and objects that can always tell stories and induce emotions. Their projects, identifiable by the mixture of romantic evocations and industrial references, have appeared in numerous national and international interior design publications. Alongside their designing activity, they both teach in schools and universities.