Who is today the baton of the well-made Italian fashion, which made “made in Italy” famous around the world? Apart from the international giants, who is dominating the contemporary fashion scene in Italy? What are their paths and their achievements? The book. ‘Fashion. The new made in Italy” by Marco Magalini (now in Italian, but an English version will be published soon), in bookstores, tells the stories of new generation talents, Italians and not, who decided to produce their collections in Italy. They surely have a responsibility to pass down the manufacturing excellence and stylistics of the Country. In his first book, the young journalist Marco Magalini, the art director at Designspeaking, identifies the successful case histories describing the contemporary scenario of fashion made in Italy. A new generation compared to the ‘founding fathers’ of Italian ready-to-wear who is ferrying their savoir faire in the future. These are distinguishing excellence in international markets for distribution, innovative strategies and profits: Angelos Bratis, Benedetta Bruzziches, Camo, Casamadre, Christian Pellizzari, Co|te, Marcobologna, Paula Cademartori, Quattromani, San Andrès Milan, Stella Jean and SuperDuper Hats. Italy is still a Country able to offer interesting opportunity to new emerging talents who choose our country to produce? “If I wanted to do a superficial speech I could say that Italy is not a country for young entrepreneurs. To earn they should escape from Italy to go to the country to try their luck as our grandparents did in the past – starting from the work really humble –. I might as well say that there it is a time of crisis and every day in Italy some companies close and skilled professionals lose their jobs. I might even convince myself that we are a dead, dull, retrograde and full of bureaucracy, taxes Country. But every coin has two sides, there are those who see the glass half full and half empty. There is the positive and the negative, the optimist and the pessimist. I strain to stay focused on an Italy full of startups, new levers that work twenty hours a day to reach their goal. I don’t think the great entrepreneurs of yesteryear, who arrived where they are today, work less … I see an Italy that wants to invest money and time in order to revitalize itself trough. I see entrepreneurs who do not lie and continue to think big. Investing in innovation, in product and research, thinking of the success in the long run. I see poor people who work and do not complain. This is Italy. A nation of workers, more or less young, seeking to open up to the future with optimism. Italy is a country for those entrepreneurs who believe in themselves, that they have courage and are not afraid of not having enough money to go out to dinner. “

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