The new skates-shoes brand is the perfect ally on VALENTINE‘S DAY 2022

The new skates-shoes brand Slades is your perfect ally for Valentine’s Day. Late for a date? Simply lock your rolling bases to your S-QUAD shoes and you’ll be on your way to your crush in seconds.

The Slades pack – for the novice or experienced skaters – is also the perfect gift for BAE (Before Anyone Else). It is composed of a timeless pair of sneakers – the S-QUAD – rolling bases and a key to unlock.

Assembled in France, Slades skates-shoes combine affordability and practicality thanks to the unique Flaneurz system – its mother brand. This patented invention is certified by top skaters.

Accessible to all this must-have is your new BFF (Best Friend Forever) of all skaters, from beginners to adepts.


Created in 2021, Slades with this patented and certified invention offers quality products with great versatility and a trendy look.

The Slades Squad can travel all around the world on foot and on roller skates, without borders, to assert its freedom and uniqueness sharing the same flow, a flow as smooth as water.

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