Venus vidi … Translating from Latin, I saw Venus born from the foam of the sea … The goddess Aphrodite, from the ancient Greek aphròs, foam, goddess of beauty and love, inspired Sabrina di Gennaro for her first collection of venusvidi swimwear.Everything stems from love for my sea, nature and art,” says Sabrina, born in Puglia and transplanted to Milan where she studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and where, subsequently, she works in some of the most important magazines in fashion as a stylist.In her collection, she best expresses herself and her deep roots, the desire to tell a woman like her, eclectic and independent, with a strong character, but at the same time a free and innovative spirit.venusvidi is a tribute to a dear friend, but it is also a hymn to the woman par excellence, seen as a goddess. Inspired by the 80s, the collection has its own precise and defined personality. Play on the duality of colours making each creation different from the other. The fabrics used are fine velvets, very soft and light, but which maintain an intense brightness.The rope, as a natural element and reference to the marine world, is present in almost all models and is hand-dyed to obtain a warm shade that contrasts the sometimes cold colours of velvets. The rope that is also used as a constant element in the collection to dampen the rich ostentation of the materials used, with a harmonious and natural result.Seven models are proposed for the first summer 2020 season, all bi-coloured apart from two in solid colour. The colours are Ocher, Magenta, Fuxia, Green, Blue and Gray expertly combined with each other.

venusvidi is a limited edition collection available exclusively from Luisa Via Roma and online by writing to