We celebrate the International Women’s Day presenting a new game, a great source of inspiration and fun for boys, girls, kids and adults. We all need to learn more about inspiring women. WHO’S SHE? is a wooden guessing game featuring strong, mighty women It’s all about their adventures not their looks! Made to inspire, to encourage, to praise by Playeress.

To inspire. WHO’S SHE? features women who had the courage to be different and take risks. Their triumphs, adventures, discoveries and inventions will inspire you to dream bigger and take risks!

To encourage. In the game we put female profession names wherever possible, to show that girls can do anything.

To praise. 28 women who represent a variety of professions, domains, nationalities, ages from now and before!WHO’S SHE? is a two-player tabletop game about courageous women who changed the world. From Hatshepsut -the fifth queen of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, the second historically-confirmed female pharaoh- to Serena Williams, from Frida Kahlo t0 Harriet Tubman.

Guess their identity by asking about their accomplishments, not their appearance, with questions like: Did she win a Nobel Prize? Did she make a discovery? Was she a spy? WHO’S SHE? features stunning, hand-drawn, watercolour portraits by young artist Daria Gołąb. Clever icons printed on the board give you a quick summary of their life stories. The game includes 28 biography cards full of fun and interesting anecdotes.WHO’S SHE? is produced in Playeress workshop in Warsaw that ensures the best quality and fast realization using European materials. The game is made of beautiful Baltic birch wood for a solid, natural feel, and durability. It’s made with high precision lasers.My journey with design started in Barcelona, where I studied, then I lived in Bristol and Paris, to finally take the risk and to launch my own projects in Warsaw” stated Zuzia Kozerska-Girard, the founder of Playeress. “Five years ago I created Valek – wooden engraved rolling pins to emboss pastry with fun patterns. It gave me a huge experience about managing a whole project (30 000+ sales and tons of 5-stars reviews): I had to be simultaneously CEO, factory worker, designer, after-sales… I decided that I had to launch a new project that was really meaningful to me. I got the idea of making women powered board game. So I founded Playeress. I wanted to make it meaningful, fun and durable.”

Inside the box:

  • 2 boards, each with 28 frames featuring stunning watercolour portraits printed directly on the wood
  • 2 legend strips to help you understand the icons
  • 28 ‘mighty women’s’ biography cards packed with fun and interesting anecdotes
  • the rulebook