Although its plans were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, World Design Capital Lille Metropole 2020 team has adapted to offer a varied programme for local and global communities of entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and the public sector. NETWORK OF CITIES MEETING and POLICY CONFERENCE are two signature events of World Design Capital Lille Metropole 2020.

On 13 October the WDC Network Of Cities Meeting 2020 edition will unveil the ambition and actions of previous, current and future World Design Capitals in favour of the transformation of our societies and territories.

On 19 – 23 October, the WDC 2020 World Design Policy Conference will explore design as a tool for resilience and study how design can and is being used at the core of the democratic process.

A number of thematic round tables will offer a global platform for a rich exchange of ideas, viewpoints and best practices from different countries, regions and cities that have developed, launched and maintain an effective design policy.It is no coincidence that all this happens in Lille. Lille Metropole is the World Design Capital 2020. At the basis of that, lies Lille Metropole’s pioneering design approach; which is driven by the desire to transform and redefine a heritage. Lille European Metropolis -known also as MEL- extends across the border with Belgium, constituting a “Eurometropolis” of 2.2 million people. MEL is a Public inter-municipal cooperation authority, established by the law of the December 31st of 1966. It gathers more than one million citizens on a territory which is both rural and urban, made by big towns and by villages, 90 in total. The MEL intervenes in essential domains: town and country planning, culture, household waste, sustainable development, water and purification, economy and employment, public space and public road network, Europe and international attractivity, housing environment and housing, urban affairs, nature and living environment, sport, tourism, transport and mobility, accessibility for disabled people, crematoriums.

The first thematic round table on Monday, October 19th, from 3 pm to 5 pm is titled FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS: THE CHANGING FOUNDATION OF OUR DEMOCRACIES?Tuesday, October 22th, from 9 am to 11 am (French time) the round table n°4 will be about DESIGN: A RESPONSE TO CITIZEN ANGER?Register to attend this free, virtual design event and find out about the other appointments.