Two brothers designers with a creative mind in 2016 invented Plego. The experience of Joan and David Corominas in product modelling, graphic design and communication, making possible the creation of a product that isn’t just a decorative element, it also invites us to make a relaxing activity that seeks pleasure in the process of build something with your hands.They choose paper as creative support, granting it a new dimension, taking advantage of its versatility and tangible character, transforming the plain of paper into valleys and mountains through the fold. Plego is inspired by nature, taking on the challenge of converting the organic forms that wrap us in polyhedral figures.Plego collection of birds is a product for different profiles: lovers of beautiful things, to do it yourself (DIY), passionate ornithologists and those who want to pass a funny time with the youngest of the house.Inside each kit are the different pre-cut coloured papers with the folds marked. The construction of the model is so clear following the steps in the instructions and, if there are any doubts, you can consult the video tutorials on the web. In addition, inside the folder, we can also find a didactic card with illustrations, information of each species and sighting areas.

You just have to put white glue for handicrafts, a toothpick to apply it and enjoy the process.

And all of it designed and produced in Barcelona, Spain.