The new collection designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman New Town is a contemporary meeting of Modern Italy with Classical Britain, that always creates a wall surface that is dynamic, as well as subtle and restrained. Inspired by the elegant but bold use of pure geometries that defined the urban planning of Georgian Bath and Edinburgh’s New Town, as well as the controlled irregularity of simple forms carefully arranged in Carlo Scarpa’s exquisite Fondazione Querini Stampalia paving, New Town is a playful and sophisticated coming together of the very best craft traditions from modern Venice, with a contemporary take on the greatest era of British classical design. Available in either smooth-surface finish that emphasises the clarity of the interconnected geometries, or with delicate grooves cast into the tile surfaces that both hint at the layout of city streets, and also act to catch light in a dramatic manner, celebrating the depth and patina of Botteganove’s hand-applied glazes.In all his work, Adam Nathaniel Furman explores the relationship between memory, imagination, history and communication at multiple scales, always with a critical eye towards the way in which sensual form, in a dialogue with the past and the future, can communicate complex issues through eloquent and expressive shapes, colours, and environments.

His multicultural background, and personal connection with queerness, are a big influence on what they do and are always fused with a keen interest in broader universal themes. He has laid out an approach to the relationship between form and the conveyance of content, which simultaneously draws on new technologies and mediums, whilst anchoring itself firmly in the wealth of past traditions; a dialogue between progress and positivity, memory and loss, the ephemeral and fashionable and the eternal and immutable, which is vital to the production of designs that accurately reflect our contemporary condition.Adam Nathaniel Furman is a London based designer & artist of Argentine, Japanese and Israeli heritage whose practise ranges from architecture and interiors to sculpture, installation, writing and product design. They taught the studio ‘Productive Exuberance’ at Central St Martins for three years, and run the Research Group ‘Saturated Space’ at the Architectural Association, exploring colour in Architecture and Urbanism through events, lectures and publications. They were Designer in Residence at the Design Museum in London for 2013-14, received the Blueprint Award for Design Innovation in 2014, were awarded the UK Rome Prize for Architecture 2014-15, were one of the Architecture Foundation’s “New Architects” in 2016, a L’Uomo Vogue Design Star 2016, were described by Rowan Moore, architecture critic for the Observer, as one of the four ‘rising stars’ of 2017, was a ‘Rising Talent of 2018’ for Elle Decor Italia, one of the Evening Standard’s “1000 Most Influential Londoners of 2018”, was awarded the Blueprint Award for best small project in 2018, and won Best Product Designer at the 2019 FX Awards. They have worked at OMA Rotterdam, Ron Arad Architects, Farrells and Ash Sakula in the past, and have written for Abitare, the RIBA Journal, Icon, the Architectural Review, and Apollo Magazine, amongst others, as well as publishing the RIBA book “Revisiting Postmodernism”.At Maison&Objet last January 2020 on display also the collections already in BottegaNove catalogue: PLUMAGE by Cristina Celestino, FLORA by Chiara Andreatti, HAIKU by Studiopepe, PETALI and PERSPECTIVE by Angelo Spagnolo and CLINKER and DIAMANTINO designed by BottegaNove Studio.

Christian Pegoraro, the founder of BottegaNove, has managed to combine the ancient artisans’ tradition and a modern vision, in order to best meet the architects’ and customers’ needs without any project limit. BottegaNove celebrates the craftsmanship of ceramic and porcelain mosaic, rethinking in a contemporary way traditional ceramic manufacturings. The manufacture of ceramic, whose fatherland has been Nove since 1700. The company, specialized in the production of one of the greatest Italian excellences, ceramic and porcelain mosaics, has developed a dynamic approach to design procedures. This is why it has become the ideal partner for custom-made projects. With their solid appearance, BottegaNove tiles transform any areas by creating contemporary scenarios that are in the meantime rich on content and design and soaked in the history of craftsmanship: artistic boiserie in ceramic, decorated with precious shimmering lustres and gold or elegant textures highlighted by the smooth opacity of porcelain.