ALFI collection of luminaires by Estiluz has been selected as the winner for the 2020 NYCxDESIGN Award in Architectural Lighting. The A&D community came together to celebrate, with the support of Interior Design and ICFF, New York City’s top projects and products with the first virtual ceremony for the NYCxDesign Awards.

Designed by estudi{H}ac, the ALFI draws inspiration from the world of fashion. The composition selected for this award maximizes one of our strengths as a company – flexibility. ALFI was born out of the subtleness, lightness and strength found in a set of pins which is of such use in the dressmaking trade to create an elegant, playful and modern light. The combination of compositions and movement that bring flexibility to each pin defines the ALFI lighting system.The ALFI’s standard version is based on simplicity and uses that to create a beautiful and delicate design. The perfect, minimalist orb, with frontal cap for indirect light, left or right angled down for asymmetrical light or uncovered for brilliant illumination.In a multi-pendant composition, each pendant is able to move independently making it highly adjustable – allowing designers to effortlessly create countless different patterns and configurations.With 50 years of unique decorative lighting, Estiluz creates timeless lighting. Gerard Masdeu Jordà founded in 1969, a firm commitment to high-end decorative lighting, with innovative designs and handmade finishes. The Masdeu family controlled the whole process: Gerard took advantage of his creativity; his father, Anton Masdeu, and his brother, Eduard Masdeu, contributed with their extraordinary mastery of metal mechanization. The quality of their designs soon attracted attention at international fairs, leading Catalan company to open its first branch office in New York in 1993. Others will follow. The brand also strengthened ties with Germany, incorporating modern engineering solutions and optimizing its production processes.

Nowadays, with a second-generation onboard, Girona based Estiluz gives emerging designers a chance to make their talent shine too. The company experiments with new shapes and materials, while staying faithful to our solid principles: robustness, durability, impeccable finishes, family spirit.

Estiluz closely monitors the manufacturing of each of its lamps. And also creates custom-made lamps or projects, so that hotel, restaurant or shop radiate their own personality.