Light collection Blossom is designed for Bogaerts Label by Mario Alessiani and iconically inspired by tulips. Long time collaboration with the Dutch brand brought to a collection restyled and extended.Six petals are fixed to a hexagonal metal structure, which also holds the led light source in the centre. Arranged in a ring the sections overlap so they each rest on top of one another and embrace the metallic frame.

The slight roundness of the petals is reproduced through the padding of the panels, slightly overlapping with each another. Then pendant lamps come in 3 sizes and are produced with high-quality sound-absorbing foam and fabrics.The wall panels of Blossom come in 5 different sizes to create a graphic or playful setting on the wall. In order to have the collection as aesthetically pleasing as well functional, with the option to have each shape as a whiteboard to complement any professional interior. And each wall panel has optional lighting for ambience. Each space we live or work in is defined by colours, materials, shapes, climate and sound. All those elements help combine that unique vibe or atmosphere which have an effect on our well being. Whether we feel positive or negative, a serene ambience contributes to our state of mind and is balanced by aesthetically pleasing products.For Bogaerts Label, the possibility to adapt looks and feel of products to an interior is key. The ultimate goal is finding that balance between elegant and functional design. In the process of creating products, quality and durability are Bogaerts Label top priorities.

Bogaerts Label creates interior objects designed for the professional market -produced in the Netherlands- that stimulate living and work environment.