When it was exhibited at the Spazio Quattrocentoduring Milano Design Week, it made quite an impression: only a single copy wasbuilt, but it’s possible that one day it will be available to the generalpublic. It bears the logo of the most innovative of French brands:  Citroen , inventor of Traction, the first production carwith front wheel drive and of the DS, always on the cutting edge.   It’s called the C4Cactus Unexpected and it offers a new way of connecting design with theautomotive industry, combining technology and advanced materials.The project was created in collaboration with  Gufram  – theBarolo-based company that’s considered one of Italy’s most irreverent designbrands and famous for its seating and home accessories – which reworked theinteriors and exteriors of the C4 Cactus, redefining the original Airbump®technology with an unconventional approach. 

This new Concept Car is the result of the genius oftwo brands that are both major players in design history. Citroën, which alwayssurprises the market, follows through on its promise to Be Different and, withthe C4 Cactus, has designed an Unconventional Crossover. Then there’s Gufram, abrand with an inexhaustible desire for experimentation, that has brought theworld their radical design through the unique aesthetics of their iconicprojects. The originality of the color scheme also takes center stage, with theorange of the hood that fades gradually into the lime green of the back.

Theshowy Airbumps are made of Guflac, a special paint patented by Gufram thatmakes aesthetic experimentation possible. Even the vehicle’s interior echoesthe visual characteristics of the exterior. The seats and door panels arecompletely upholstered in a microfiber fabric specifically conceived forautomotive applications, in the same colors and gradient shading as thebodywork. The fabric has also been quilted in patterns of concentric circles andthis circular stitching and topstitching is done in orange.