Today we live in a world that has made us self conscious of our bodies, a world where people criticize other people’s figures and social media represents the ‘ideal’ figure making us feel that we are not good enough. Being one of many victims of today’s idealization of what a perfect body should look like, I created this sculpture as a reminder that every woman’s figure is beautiful in their own ways. We shouldn’t be afraid of showing our bodies, instead, we should be proud of them. Everybody is unique and beautiful in their own ways” states Elsa Åkesson, a self-taught Swedish and Malagasy contemporary artist recognized for her realistic figurative artworks and her splash of colour.Therefore the new “Fearless” sculptures, without fear of showing ourselves for what we are. An affirmation that also shines through her paintings.Elsa Åkesson is a London based emerging artist working in her Kensington Studio, on an international scale, with collectors around the globe. She is inspired by her photography of everyday life from both Africa and Europe -her two origins. Through her work, she captures strong emotions and life, and likes to portray beauty and happiness in subject matters she believes are undervalued, overseen or simply ones she finds beauty in. This passion born thanks to his father who was an art passionate and collector. He encouraging her to enter the Arts ever since a young age, as he visioned her success in the field.

Elsa was born and raised in Madagascar before she, later on, moved to board school in Switzerland with her brother at a young age, to finally finishing school in the United Kingdom and university in Madrid, Spain where she studied business and international relations. Her travels made her a citizen of the world is retrieved in her art through her subject matters and artistic techniques.