Every name has an origin and a meaning. Abhajour is the union of the Sanskrit word “abha”, meaning “light/splendour” and from the French “jour”. The two words evocate the abat-jour, symble of an intimate, cozy lighting. “Where there is much light, the shadow is deep” wrote Goethe. This idea gives birth to Abhajour by Rita Scarpinato, a project that reworks the lamp’s function, putting the focus on its aesthetic/emotional value. It is not possible to think of light not including its complimentary element, i.e. darkness. It is darkness that reveals light’s poetical value. So how to traspose this concept into a solid object? Light and darkness take care of each other, spheres of blown glass produce a soft light, a safe atmosphere for both humans and objects where enjoying intimacy is possible again. The spheres keep inside them little objects, such as ceramics or leafs or pieces of wood, that find in light their protective element.