Ok, not really everywhere, but let’s just say that in every country in the world with television stations that broadcast American movies, it started that time of year, the roses and chocolates time, in which love becomes supreme feeling and maximum inspiration for everything. We also started thinking about love, passion and desire, and in these sugary days we thought of those who allowed themselves to be carried away by these feelings and, with the creativity of the designer, has given them a shape. A symbol? Surely the famous “kiss” of the Bocca sofa, designed in 1970 by Studio 65 for Gufram. The inspiration came from the painting The Face of Mae West by Dali, and from the red fire lips of Hollywood divas, for a provocative, sensual and extremely feminine sitting. For always more lovers since 2008 Gufram proposes two different versions: Pink Lady, simpering , in hot pink, and Dark Lady, with no less than a piercings, with a rock attitude. Thoughtful and dreamy is Mario Botta in 2004, when he designed for Horm the collection of mirrors Mamanonmama, a series of petal-shaped five mirrors in solid black willow: all together, attached to the wall or placed on a table, form a daisy, to browse petal after petal in the troubled search for an answer: are we loved back or not? Definitely go straight to the point, which was to be expected, Philippe Starck. It’s from 2007 his Privé collection for Cassina, composed of armchairs, chaise lounges and sofas of different sizes that are specifically designed for a noble purpose: to make love. Precious and sensual leather upholstery, large luxurious size, armrests and backrests removable or adjustable depending on your needs, all by virtue of the enjoyment of the senses, of pleasure and “experimentation”. Finally, a nice liaison in kitchen: the lovely pair of salt and pepper shakers by Normann Copenhagen, called Friends, but which to a closer look go a little bit beyond friendship. They’re names are Gordon & Andreas, and if anyone is still wondering, they play on the meaning of the Danish word “bosse”, which means both “shaker” and “gay”: two boys with mustaches (one with a painted leather vest), which looking at them, you can not help but smile. Vive l’ amour!