For those who have behind their backs an almost millennial tradition, to innovate, re-invent and update is the biggest challenge. To interpret their own roots not as a constraint, but as a firm starting point for new and original ideas, occurs almost magic: as the one that Barovier&Toso created on the occasion of Fuori Salone this year. Light e-motions, by Marcel Wanders, is a figment of the imagination, where everything is itself and its opposite, because it moves according to unpredictable laws and, almost miraculously, comes to life. The cloisters of the Basilica of San Simpliciano were invaded by atomized and reassembled chandeliers with anthropomorphic features: a shuffling of surprising and fascinating shapes that goes beyond imagination and seem to defy the laws of physics. Puppets and ballerinas elegantly danced in a perpetual motion on the monumental staircase of the palazzo, enveloping visitors of new proposals from the glassware masters with the excitement that Barovier Toso & crystallized in more than seven hundred years of creations.