Summer! Which in design translates to light or bright colors, clean and
sleek lines, freshness in shapes and constructions. Serax’s proposals
open to the summer season, playing this year with a cold and rigid
material par excellence, iron, which becomes thin and light in objects
that play with the concept of full-empty: frames, candlesticks and
vases, fruit bowls, but also large outdoor vases, proposed in the
original color styles that characterize the work of designer Antonio
Sciortino. A touch of green also to city flats, which Serax provides of a
collection of spice jars and vases to transform gardens and terraces in
a pleasant green area of small plants that designers of AZ & MUT
literally put on a pedestal. The carefree summer days also translated
into the imperfect design of Porcelain collection by Alexa
Lixfield: decorative plates and bowls irregular and opaque on the
outside surface and impeccably polished on their inside. To be enjoyed
at the cool light of dusk.