Codice is a collective of three designers, Anna Maria Cardillo, Leonardo Rossano and Paolo D’Ippolito, who have come together to self-produce contemporary and personal accessories and furnishings. A design idea where form and function are closely in contact, responding to the personal vision of the designer, who personally oversees the development and prototyping in order to freely express his feelings. A project dedicated also to revalue the those small businesses and artisans who are the backbone of the Made in Italy.

Codice’ material of choice, which they begun to realize their objects with, is borosilicate glass blown lamp, with which the designers have created accessories that combine contemporary shapes with an ancient material, resulting in an evocative, emotional and functional design.

Examples of the Glass Collection are currently available in Designspeaking Store in Verona: Anna Maria Cardillo’s Ugola, a reversible flower vase where continuity of material, pushed to the limit, is prominent, and BB, a reversible double-glass that satisfies with the same object various flavors in the contemporary of an event, acting as a container from both sides. Paolo D’ Ippolito draws instead Tempolento, a multifunctional centerpiece, light and transparent to enhance the content, in which the twelve tubes that surround the fruit also act as flower vases. By him are also Pois and Voilá: the first, a salt and pepper group characterized by the curved shape designed for optimal grip; the second oil and vinegard group, which integrates seamlessly with Pois, decorating the table with irony and comfort.

D’Ippolito also realized the design of Tannino, far from the usual company production since it is made of solid oak, and therefore forerunner of the Wood Collection. It is a bottle holder that, while showing off the bottle, it frames the shape and label, also including accommodation for the corkscrew.