This year at Maison&Objet ENOStudio renews the core values ​​of the company: clean materials, raw and simple, quality products but above all special attention to the needs of everyday life. The result is an ironic collection, thanks to which is possible to have fun playing with the simplest objects, reinventing and interpreting them. As in the case of Hat Lamp, by Mars Design, a super-light pendant to which is given the shape of a wide-brimmed hat. Geof Ramsay designs Wallhax, a chair “dipped” in the wall, turned into an unusual and very original oak coat-hanger. The study Made by Who thinks at the multi-functionality side with Tabor, creating stacking containers made of birch that serve as both trays and chopping boards. Piks Design dedicated its work to children, designing a series of  hooks made ​​as colored and stylized small animals, to dispose of in different ways to tell the story that we prefer. Simple and basic the design of Tribu, by Fred Rieffel , which offers a collection of coffee tables in oak so simple that become brilliant, of various heights and sizes to be arranged in many different configurations. Finally, an iconic product of the company: the pendant Favourite Things by Chen Karlsson, a light that contains our favorite objects, presented this time in raspberry red.