Pedra is the Catalan generic term for stones, rocks and gems. Nature has taken thousands of years to conform to these minerals, layer by layer. Each vein brings the memory of Time. A mixture of power and calm beats in their core: they radiate energy. Humans have heard their call, have been carried away by their attraction. And Ester Ferrando has felt their magic and created, PEDRA a knitwear collection that turns the hardest materials into the softest garments and that translates this inspiration into textures and jacquards, into empowering fashionable designs.

Pedra Collection

Locally manufactured her creations go beyond the established trends, they adapt to more than a single season and embrace every silhouette.

Collection by collection, Ester Ferrando’s proposals transform knitwear into an artistic expression. Volumes, colours and shapes -for men, women or both- naturally traverse seasons and upgrade personality in style.

Knitwear is Ester Ferrando’s speciality and it is, naturally, the prevailing material for the brand. Her proposals are formed by total looks that flow around who’s wearing them.

Ester Ferrando’s designs are the fruit of a multicultural inspiration and reflect her own personality and concerns. Every garment is produced in Catalan ateliers for the entire world, that is well-known for its specialization in knitwear.

Passionate, curious, creative, Ester Ferrando says: “Using knitwear, I am weaving my own dreams and translating my inspirations into designs: turning everyday garments into something unique.”

Since 2012, she leads her own label, ESTER FERRANDO KNITWEAR, a project that weaves and expresses her creativity. From a very young age, she investigated both crochet and knitting techniques. In fact, when she finished her training at the School of Arts and Techniques of Barcelona EATM-ESDi, she specialized in knitwear and graduated with honours at the Winchester School of Arts (United Kingdom).

After her first professional experiences at Pineapple Studios (London) and Studio Orta (Paris), Ester Ferrando came back to Barcelona and opened her atelier, where she worked for designers such as Josep Font, Pedro Morago or Georgina Vendrell and fashion brands such as Cortana.