Sketches, photographs, prototypes and objects. These are the means with which tell us about the complex figure of Giorgetto Giugiaro, winner of 6 Compasso d’Oro ADI awards and nominated “Car Designer of the Century”. The artistic roots, of his family of painters and musicians, and the engineering culture are the characteristics that make Giugiaro’s work unique, which Rizzoli decided to gather in a volume by Giuliano Molineri. The book recounts the career of the designer: after his debut in Fiat the taking charge as head of Centro Stile Bertone, then joining the Carrozzeria Ghia and finally in 1967 founding his first company, Ital Styling, which will change its name to Italdesign Giugiaro. Molineri collects his drawings, images of the prototypes and projects he has produced (more than 200 since 1968) up to cameras, his great passion: tools with which manifested the instinctive ability to respond to changes, functional and aesthetic, that new needs and social contexts require, anticipating the natural evolution of objects. Events of Italian design, to give to others and to ourself.