“What I do are not simple t-shirts, but a tool for people belonging to a certain type of environment, mine, in which live the different facets of the unconventional. Who buys my collections join this big family in which there are rappers, actors, independent film maker. My t-shirts, with their prints, are a means of identity “. With these words, Argentine designer/pr Marcelo Burlon – but all production is made in Europe – talks about his project, County of Milan, that is enjoying great success thanks to its ability to develop a process of idenity: a real “urban gang” that wants to identify itself in the street-naif world. The fashion show/event that we’ve seen at Pitti has been inspired by extreme sports like motocross, celebrated with acrobatic performances in the sky, with jumps up to 20 metres high. Marcelo’s wardrobe is studied to play on the blend of local graphics – like ‘guardapampa’, a sort of cross that for Latin American civilizations was the key to the universe to connect with the stars – and the global trend of sportswear. On the catwalk many technical fabrics, such as 3d prints, or a camouflage pattern obtained from shaded reptiles, and an Argentine poncho.