The passion for handcraft and his artsy approach brought the young designer Marco Barazzuoli to the experimentation of different materials and techniques which allowed him to create unique pieces and small series. Such as the Kalypso collection – handcrafted in white poplar wood and black alder with gold leaf finishes – part of the Fashion is not a Dress exhibition curated by Tuorlo Design Studio in September during the Milan Fashion Week.Fashion is above all the art of change“, stated John Galliano. Marco Barazzuoli thinks that change both exterior and interior reveals his being, like a dress that can hide or reveal. The Kalypso collection highlights the change of natural material through sectioning or addition of geometric elements. These details, enhanced by a gold leaf finish, are visible only at the point of wood processing, hidden up to that moment under a rough layer thus reveal their preciousness.Tuscan designer, class ’86, Barazzuoli after the studies start collaborating with various projects, mainly concerning interior decoration and exhibit space set-up, also developing the interest in the furnishing product.

He is working closely with artisans from Tuscany, monitoring and personally taking part in the different phases of production.

At the occasion of Paris Design Week some of his works will be exhibited from 8th to 11th September at Espace Commines, Paris in 1000 VASES exhibition, organized by Meet My Project with the scenography signed by Roberto Baciocchi.

In particular, the Arkeuthos collection of vases in which archaic forms are reworked through the use of evocative materials, analyzing their use and their history. The juniper wood, Arkeuthos in Greek, is the inspirational material for a temporal journey on the coasts of the Mediterranean, where for centuries it has accompanied with its perfume the rituals of the peoples who lived there. The shapes are hinted at, hidden in the imperfection of the wood, as if they were incomplete finds just found. The wood, worked on the lathe and then burned, welcomes and engages on polished steel elements, in a set of material and shapes contrasts.