Working connected with the world, having everything at your fingertips. “Smart working” allows us to face the future and not only in the time of Covid-19.

But how to set up the new working space? A desk, a comfortable chair to spend a few hours of work, a computer, an agenda, pens and a light that can illuminate your workstation.

The choice can then be a table lamp by Martinelli Luce such as L’Amica (friend in English), designed by Emiliana Martinelli in 2012 but always modern and up to date.

A friend with an articulated structure, like the body of a woman passionate about yoga, to accompany you during work hours, during the day.


Table lamp diffused and direct light, swivel arm with adjustable aluminium head, lacquered in grey or pistachio green. Details in lacquered grey or blue metal. Joints in resin in anthracite colour. Base in metal and resin anthracite. LED light source integrated. Electronic driver on the plug.