A small table in marble and iron inspired by the system of mounting the diamonds. A piece of furniture conceived as a precious stone in which aesthetics and functionality go together, without gain control over each other. Carati is the table conceived by Mario Alessiani, that has been chosen from the Neim Gallery in Edinburgh, which will open in the next days.

Entirely handmade in Italy, Carati was created starting from the idea of having an atypical ratio between the legs and the tabletop. A piece that is the result of Alessiani’s poetics of “extracting beauty from functionality”.

Functional beauty is the idea behind the Alessiani’s inspiration and the message that accompanies his creations. Alessiani, who is 29 and has already a long experience in designing, is the perfect example to understand the way a millennial creative works and tells to the world of design, belonging to that generation of people born in the eighties who are slowly revolutionizing the possibilities of production for home, fashion and leisure.