The common thread linking the exhibits at Nude 2018 – at Feria Habitat in Valencia – is the new functionalities and new materials for furnishings and equipment for interiors designed to provide solutions for everyday living. The show never fails to surprise and is a launchpad for the designers of the future. The participants at this year’s Salón nude were selected by a distinguished jury that included the Dean of the College of Interior Designers of the Comunitat Valenciana, Pepe Cosín, Stone Designs’ designer Eva Prego, Pilar Tendero, the representative for Spain of renowned Italian review Domus and Actiu CMO Jesús Moreno. Ana Segovia and María Fontes also sat on the jury representing Feria Valencia in their capacities as art director for Feria Hábitat Valencia and Salón nude manager.

A total of eleven designers and design consultancies were selected, with the young talent set to be on the show this year coming from the Comunitat Valenciana, Catalunya, La Rioja, Madrid, Galicia, Euskadi and México. They have been named as Aggaro, Alberto Vera, Estudio Dalangi, Eugenia Boscá, Jaume Molina, Konkrit Blu Arquitectura, May Arratia Estudio, Octavio Asensio, Tabuhome and Versus Ecodesign Estudio. Mexican design student Germán Muñoz Carvajal will also be showing his work.

The 2018 Salón nude will again be featuring from 18 to 21 September a significant number of universities and schools of design, with these institutions increasingly choosing nude and Feria Hábitat Valencia as an outstanding platform for them to showcase the areas they specialize in, the research they undertake and the innovation they produce in their respective fields. The educational bodies taking part this year include: ‘Barreira Arte y Diseño (Valencia)’, ‘Escuela de Arte y Superior de Cerámica de Manises’, ‘Valencia, Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Valencia’, ‘Escuela de Diseño de Anahuac’, Mexico, ‘Tecnun – Universidad de Navarra’, ‘Universidad Cardenal Herrera – CEU San Pablo Valencia’, ‘Universitat Jaume I Castellón’, ‘Universidad Politécnica de Valencia – ETSID’ and the ‘Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Campus de Alcoi’.

Among young designers, we choose Dalangi is a young practice specializing in furniture design and décor for the home. It was founded by young architect Angela F-Liedo, who specializes in designing furniture for the home. Her work is characterized by clarity of composition, with the outstanding features of her pieces being straightforward shapes and pure materials that respect and promote the nature of each element. She always imbues each design with her own personality. Estudio Dalangi is showing two occasional tables at Nude 2018, both of which display a clear geometric influence, but also distinct attempts to balance shapes. The result is small sculptures, paying particular attention to the details, that dress the space they are in.