Her Persian origins provide to the designer Layla Mehdi Pour a major source of inspiration. She is the author of FëlFël, the ceramic salt and pepper-rings. In an object which is already been proposed in thousands of versions, and yet continues to be an area of challenge for designers, Mehdi Pour managed to put a great dose of originality, presenting it in a new shape that also changes the manual use. The ring configuration makes FëlFël almost an object of play, which make the user curious and collects the full challenge that the designer issues at every project: to “emotionally surprise people”. The ring then arises not only as an original shape, but also symbolically, almost marrying two spices that are always on the table together. In practical realization is shown the love for good design and especially for Italian craftsmanship that has enthralled the designer once she arrived here. FëlFël is in fact made by hand, with those little irregularities, very far from being a defect, that give uniqueness to each item. Great attention to all users, including the visually impaired: the rings are fitted with small pads to recognize at touch the salt from the pepper.