Jeon Sang Il is a creative designer from South Korea. After the exhibitions at Seoul Design Festival 2017 and London Design Festival 2017 (100% design), he participated in Asia Design Pavilion during the Milan Design Week 2018.

He presented some projects inspired by his ‘easy living’ design philosophy. A new type of shape as furniture that destroys stereotype approaching the problem in his everyday life. Sang Il defines this is ‘Easy Design’ as the new design concept. Easy Design means designing easily. The design is not something that is huge or artificial, serious, complex, difficult but transferring what you thought.

In Easy hub, inspired by French Studio 5.5 designers’ work (CLONING) and by Naoto Fukasawa’s work (A light with a Dish), he tried hanger with a T-shaped design to show laziness, unexpected surprises, and new possibilities. He designed it with a perspective that furniture impacts a movement of user life. Easy hub can support before when you go out of your house. It can be possible for a user to prepare one-stop for going out by setting clothes and the necessary stuff. In addition, it can set the style of your go-out. When it needs to be portable, it can be assembled.

Dish and Chopsticks are designed with a simple idea that flashed in its head. One day thinking of the chopsticks placed on a plate Sang Il was just drawing a circle and a line. And at that time, he was inspired by wall-mounted cd player, a work by MUJI’s designer Naoto Fukasawa. Suddenly he realized: “Oh it is done. The design is not necessarily artificial, gorgeous, or exaggerating, but the design is as it is.”