NIO Cocktails presents an iconic collection of premium ready-to-drink cocktails: Postcards from Japan, that pay homage to the craftsmanship, tradition, and creativity of the Land of the Rising Sun.

NIO Cocktails, aims to change attitudes around cocktail consumption among the general public. The concept behind NIO is simple: just shake, tear, pour. NIO, which stands for Needs Ice Only, is based on the dream to be able to enjoy your favorite cocktails wherever you want, all while maintaining the highest quality in both the recipes and their ingredients.

NIO Cocktails – Postcards From Japan collection

NIO Cocktails is an Italian start-up at the forefront of the premium ready-to-drink cocktails movement, which is taking a new approach to the world of cocktails as we know it. Assuming the role of our cultural tour guide, they are now offering immersive experiences into remote locations across the world through the lens of cutting-edge mixology, high knowledge of cocktail preparation to create innovative drinks, with increasingly refined techniques.

NIO Cocktails, premium ready-to-drink cocktails by Patrick Pistolesi

NIO Cocktails Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, one of the world’s most eminent bartenders, has been a driving force behind the recent evolution of cocktail culture. With NIO Patrick set out on a journey across Japan to discover traditional distilleries and was so inspired by each of them that he penned these four recipes as a way of immortalizing his memories on his return to Italy. NIO Cocktails intends to capture the essence of Japan and offer its consumers real, authentic postcards from around the world.  

Postcards from Japan is an iconic collection in the NIO Cocktails journey of discovery. It pays homage to the craftsmanship, tradition, and creativity that Japan is renowned for, as well as a brand journey through exquisite flavors and storytelling.

NIO Cocktails has created four exclusive cocktails inspired by different locations across the Land of the Rising Sun, always carrying out research on raw materials

The Postcards From Japan collection is an exploration into quintessential Japanese flavors, using artisanal local products that form the cornerstone of mixology: vodka, rum, gin, and whisky.

The 4 cocktails created by Patrick Pistolesi are:

HOKKAIDO GLORY: made with the Japanese vodka Eiko.

“When I’m traveling I love nothing more than trying something new. That’s how I discovered something amazing: Japanese vodka! The next day, I just had to visit the Eiko Distillery in Asahikawa, where Eiko Vodka is made. Eiko means “glory” in Japanese – it’s a word that evokes Japan’s rich history and legends of the Samurai warriors, soldiers who went above and beyond to protect their masters.”

Hokkaido Glory, an elegant twist on the classic Bloody Mary cocktail. Crafted with Japanese tomato liqueur, this vibrant cocktail boasts a luscious, full-bodied flavor with plenty of character.

HOKKAIDO PLEASURE: made with the Japanese gin Etsu

“I’m still in beautiful Hokkaido, I then traveled to the Asahikawa distillery. This is quite an old distillery that produces sake and vodka, but also an unusual gin called “Etsu”, which means “pleasure” in Japanese. It was exactly what I needed to round off the day: floral and fruity with bright yuzu notes, the perfect base for a cocktail.” Says the master mixologist.

Hokkaido Pleasure is a similar cocktail to the classic Gin Sour with an authentic Japanese twist. At its heart is Etsu Gin, an artisanal spirit with a secret traditional recipe, which boasts a delicate botanical aroma and bright yuzu citrus fruit flavors on the palate.


OKINAWA PURE BEAUTY: made with Kiyomi White Rum

“I’m writing to you from the tropical islands of Okinawa in Japan, where I had the chance to pay a visit to the Helios distillery in the city of Nago. It’s one of Okinawa’s oldest distilleries and has been producing rum since 1961 – I didn’t even know the Japanese made rum! It turns out, interestingly enough, they first started to distill rum to meet the demand of American soldiers stationed here. I tasted this amazing white rum called “Kiyomi”, meaning “pure beauty” in Japanese. All the ingredients come together to create an intensely flavored rum which makes a fantastic base for cocktails.”

Okinawa Pure Beauty is a Japanese-inspired Daiquiri with the refreshing addition of yuzu liqueur. Yuzu is a local citrus fruit that is similar in flavor to Sicilian lemons. The key ingredient is Kiyomi Rum; this is made with local sugar cane.


KURAYOSHI HERITAGE, made with the Tottori Whisky

Last stop before coming home! I wanted to end this trip with a bang and visit a Japanese distillery. I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about Japanese whisky – in Europe, it’s actually become increasingly difficult to get your hands on it, so I’ve taken the opportunity to stock up and fill my suitcases with bottles! I’ve decided to visit the Kurayoshi Distillery – this is located on the main Honshu island, northwest of Kyoto, in a region called Tottori. They’ve been distilling all sorts of liqueurs since 1910 and recently won the prestigious Best Japanese Single Malt award in Jim Murray’s 2020 Whisky Bible. One of their whiskies is called Tottori, a favorite in Japanese clubs as a whisky for making cocktails.”

Kurayoshi Heritage is a truly refined Whisky Sour for your home bar. The cornerstone of this cocktail is smooth Japanese whisky which is blended with great precision and skill, in the tradition of great Japanese craftsmanship.