Dilmos, starting from December the 1st, will unveil 2 times a week until Christmas, a new esclusive capsule collection of eights design clocks.

With the end of the year approaching, Dilmos Milano found itself reflecting upon the concept of time, and what ‘its passing’ truly means: even a single hour takes on a completely different value depending on who lives it.

Thinking about traditional methods of measuring time, Dilmos looked at the clock, defined in the dictionary as ‘’the mechanism for measuring time’’.

But what does it mean ‘to measure’ time?

Dilmos’ authors have answered this question by each creating one clock, giving shape to a capsule collection of eight unique pieces, on show in the Milanese gallery (via San Marco 1) from December 3rd.

A limited-edition collection of eight clocks designed exclusively for Dilmos by its authors will unveil 2 times a week until Christmas.

1/8 – Ron Gilad

Circle V, solid wood and museum glass. cm 60 x 5,5 x 75 H

2/8 – Dum Dum
Rock o’ Clock, mirror polished stainless steel, cm 20 x 20 H

3/8 -Alex Pinna
Colors Clock, acrylic on wood and papers and 24h quartz mechanism, cm 36 x 4,5 x 36 H

4/8- Umberto Dattola

Time is Gold, birch and walnut wood, golden leaf and coral, cm 63 x 15 x 60 H

5/8- Edoardo Piccione & Marco Carlone

The New Time of Milan, printed plexiglass panels, cm 30 x 3 x 40 H

6/8 Davide Medri

Shining Time, mirror mosaic tiles and golden leaf, cm diam. 60

7/8 Vincenzo Oste

The Theft of Big Ben, aluminium and bronze cast with quartz mechanism, cm 105 x 10 x 14 H – cm 98 x 6 x 9 H – cm 76 x 5 x 8 H

8/8 Monica Taverniti

Jiǔlóng, MDF, enamel, acrylic marker and pencils, cm 42 x 14 x 68 H