After the panettone also comes the Easter Cake among the sweet references of Callipo. For Easter 2021, Callipo debuts with artisanal Colomba (Easter Cake), proposed in two variants, classic and chocolate.

COLOMBA CALLIPO designed by Antonio Aricò

An excellent product enclosed in elegant packaging made by the Calabrian designer Antonio Aricò with which continues the successful collaboration started in 2020. On that occasion, Aricò said: “After years of collaborations with national and international companies related to design, I am very happy to work for the first time with a company that represents for me an excellence of my Land of Origin, Calabria.”


Antonio Aricò is an Italian artist, designer and creative director. After earning a double degree at Milan Polytechnic he obtained his master’s degree with a work based on the themes of Design & Tradition, combining the fields of art, craft and design. These theories merged with the poetic of contemporary culture, makeup Aricò’s inter-disciplinary practice today. He is known as the forerunner of a unique approach that parallels crafts and self-production with industrial design.

The typical dessert of the Easter holidays is made in the small factory of Dolcefraietta in Badolato (CZ), a charming medieval village in Calabria, where the art of leavening and the passion for tradition meet.

The drawings of Callipo’s COLOMBA, are born from my “doodles”… simple gestures and lines, brushstrokes of pastel colours that transport our mind into the world of Easter Cakes. Rounded and “empathic” curves able to dress with grace and irony the idea of a gift,” says Antonio Aricò.


There are two taste variants proposed by Callipo: classic, respecting tradition with candied orange and almond glaze;

COLOMBA CALLIPO Double Chocolate

and the delicious version with double chocolate where the delicacy of white chocolate is combined with the strong taste of dark.

Callipo Cakes can be purchased online on with shipping throughout Italy and in Callipo1913 stores.

The images of Magna Graecia are for us Calabrians imprinted in the colours and sounds with which we grow up as “childs”. Fantasy runs fast creating fantastic imaginaries that I tried to turn into colourful “doodles” that can evoke these very intimate suggestions. Popular themes and design ones are for me a “fresh” source of inspiration. Happy to have inaugurated with this project a series of collaborations designed for my Land. The world of Tonnaroti is mythological and fascinating rich in sophisticated shapes and colors, Le Bagnarote Mermaids are female creatures rich in character and artistic dignity. A fun metamorphosis that I hope will bring even more joy to Callipo gifts.” stated Antonio Aricò.


The Callipo Group consists of 7 companies that employ a total of about 400 employees (Callipo Group Srl, Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari Spa, Popilia Srl, Callipo Gelateria Srl, Callipo Sport Srl, Med Frigus Srl, Callipo Turismo Srl). Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari SpA is one of the Italian excellences with a history of 107 years. The company was founded in 1913 in Pizzo Calabro (VV) and today is led by the Cavaliere del Lavoro Filippo Callipo, flanked by his sons Giacinto and Filippo Maria who represent the fifth generation of the family. Callipo’s real strength is the processing of tuna, carried out completely in Italy starting from whole fish. The company’s production plant is in Maierato (VV), covers an area of about 34,000 square meters, 9,000 of which are covered, and offers an image of modernity and efficiency for the advanced technology of plants and equipment.