On the occasion of Madrid Design Festival 2022 more than 70 contemporary design pieces are on display at the Centro Cultural Fernán Gómez from 15 February to 13 March

Biografía de una silla by Oiko Design Office

The Il·lacions Design Gallery participates in the Madrid Design Festival 2022 with its exhibition Inferences / Inferencias, a selection of contemporary design pieces with links to the gallery. The leitmotiv of the exhibition revolves around the meaning of its own name: “An ‘illation’ is the action and effect of inferring one thing from another, a link between ideas, the consequence of something.”  

Mimesis by Jordi Ribaudí

Under this modus operandi, the Barcelona-based gallery has selected one piece from each of its creators and, in turn, has asked them to become sub-curators of the exhibition, requesting them to invite a designer or artist they admire to also present a work.

Inferences/Inferencias is the result of a creative exercise that produces dialogues and connections between creators, a process of mutual enrichment providing new perspectives on contemporary creation.

Khan Walnut by Sanna Volker_photo Francesc Marty
Vasijas Vessels by Panorammma_photo Pepe Molina

The designers involved are Max Enrich, Sanna Völker, MSubiràs, Roger Coll Krasznai, Rosa Cortiella, Turbina, Cristian Herrera, Josep Vila Capdevila and Jordi Ribaudí will appear on behalf of the gallery, in addition to their invited guests who include such names as Panorammma of Mexico City, Raphael Kadid of Basel, Todomuta of Seville, Ovidi Benet of Valencia, and Studiopepe of Milan, to list just a few of the more than 70 participating artists.

Alabaster Lamp by Jordi Vecina
Polarity Unity by Ingrid Ruegemer
The first gallery in Barcelona dedicated exclusively to local 21st-century design

The mission of Il·lacions Design Gallery -opened in Barcelona in 2011- is to create value and bring visibility to its more than 50 collaborating creators, exhibiting their furniture and objects, both individual pieces and limited series, in temporary exhibits, at international fairs and in its permanent collection.

Il·lacions also manages projects involving design and creativity, bringing its collective knowledge to private joint projects and spin-off projects. Other areas of activity include exhibition curation, interior design, consultations regarding collections, the production of furniture and objects, R&D, book publishing and, in the near future, hosting design residencies.

Thomas Serrys vía Atelier Jesper, SPC Chair
Tubs i Llums by Max Enrich_photo Francesc Marty

Dates and opening times to the public

Fernán Gómez | Centro Cultural de la Villa – Madrid, Pl. de Colón 4

From February 15 to March 13, from 1o am to 9 pm

Haya by Studio Maentler via EDITIONS DU COTÉ_ photo Melanie Torok