Celebrating its 10th anniversary

During the Madrid Design Festival 2021, from March 18th to April 24th Producto Fresco celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Since 2012 ‘Fresh Product’ is the reflection of the best industrial design and freshly made product in Madrid, and when it turns 10 years old, it looks back to review everything made and offer a significant sample of the evolution of Madrid design in this decade.

More than 450 pieces have passed through the Central del Diseño in the previous editions of Producto Fresco, an initiative organized by DIMAD to promote industrial and product design in a plural, open and intergenerational way.

For more information: https://www.lafabrica.com/madriddesignfestival/actividad/producto-fresco/?mc_cid=46d2748565&mc_eid=5c8cb212d8