Beauty, skill, hope. The Maison Margiela SS24 couture collection or the Sense of Fashion by Alessandro Turci

The Maison Margiela SS24 couture collection lives among its characters, ghosts of a past that advance uncertainly among obsolete stylistic features in a phantasmagoria of cultural references and artisanal skills of textile and sartorial research that stuns.

Fashion’s reaction to the globalization of goods and concepts that are not bought (or collected) for pleasure and personal attitude but are simply consumed, will be (and already is), to create an elegance that distances itself from the trends with the skill of the manual, research and thought.

Fashion abstracts itself from the corpus (be it body or dress), fascinates with dreams, and a fetishistic desire for change, and sometimes for mutation. Communication no longer matters, we reclaim an intimate, private sphere, not necessarily shared, but unique.

The authentic concept of Couture, a construction made on the person, for the single individual, is finally exalted. Fashion is reborn as a relationship between creator and customer, defining the clothing object as a distinctive relational element in itself.

The dress then becomes the idea of truth, expressing all its symbolic strength in an obsession with stitching, cuts, and sartorial solutions. It makes us part of a possible future and also of a hope for the human expression of beauty, which needs not tools but ability and vision.

Alessandro Turci speaking