At the Madrid Design Festival 2022, Davinia, a showroom specializing in premium kitchen, cabinet and dressing room furniture, presents Georgina’s Wallartpaper, the first collection of artistic wallpaper edited from Mallorca with the collaboration of Spanish artists and designers. The first collection consists of the designs of Pep Guerrero, Bàrbara Juan, Núria Marquès, Xavi Muñoz, Albert Pinya, Tatiana Sarasa, Toni Sorell and Georgina Sas herself, creator of the project.

As part of the fifth edition of the Madrid Design Festival, from February 15 to March 31, Davinia, a showroom specializing in premium kitchen furniture, cabinets and dressing rooms, presents Georgina’s Wallartpaper, the first collection of artistic wallpaper published since Mallorca with the collaboration of Spanish artists and designers. The wallpapers of Georgina Sas -art and design curator, writer and journalist- will be exhibited in the new Davinia space, on Paseo de la Castellana 100, exclusively for cabinets, and in the specific kitchen furniture studio at number 98 of the same walk, under the title of ‘El Arte Doméstico’ with the curatorship of Guendalina Perelli, an expert in communication active in Milan and Barcelona.

The unique and fun arty-inspired designs of Georgina’s Wallartpaper come together, as interventions, in kitchens and cabinets by Davinia -with exhibitions also in Mallorca and Malaga- to turn our home into a genuine universe. With the premise of the importance of colour in the perception of spaces, the Davinia showroom located in the heart of the Castellana, a stone’s throw from Nuevos Ministerios de Madrid, will offer a new concept of spaces that generate sensations in its users -and for the occasion, with a new installation of lamps by Marre Moerel and Estiluz.

In addition to the aesthetics and functionality of its kitchens and dressing rooms, Georgina’s Wallartpaper collection will provide a wide range of creativity, originality and art that intensifies personality in different areas. A true explosion of colour, which in addition to giving the option to personalize the kitchen or dressing room with art, provide exclusivity and impressive decoration. The papers are easy to put on and take off, they are prepared for any surface and allow you to change the decoration without the need for works or reforms.

Georgina’s Wallartpaper by Núria Marquès

Presented in November for the first time in Palma de Mallorca, the Georgina’s Wallartpaper collection creates its own universe with a well-recognizable style, between fantasy and the rigour of creative practice, what would be the follia pratica (practical madness), to decorate spaces and make them unique. Own designs in which Surrealism and Magritte or Rococo art are joined fearlessly with Arts & Crafts with which to fill entire walls of art with creators’ papers. Georgina’s Wallartpaper is the name of the firm that has published a collection of painted wallpapers to fill the walls of houses, shops, hotels or restaurants with colour and creativity. “I can’t live without dreams and I dreamed of editing wallpapers for the walls. One day I imagined my house and saw it full of them. They were wallpapers designed by my artist friends, full of colour”, says Georgina. “Colour is synonymous with happiness and, without a doubt, a lifestyle. With Georgina’s Wallartpaper I propose the democratization of art in full symbiosis with the spaces we live in. Art and interior design are two ways of creating emotions. Transmit kind emotions through colour and let everyone enjoy with the freedom with which I do it”.

Baroque and Clouditte by Georgina Sas

The sign is characterized by its quality, its artistic value and most importantly, its own visual language that defines it. It is the first signature published in Mallorca with local artists, including Albert Pinya, Núria Marquès, Pep Guerrero, Bàrbara Juan, Tatiana Sarasa or Toni Sorell or from other regions of Spain such as Xavi Muñoz.

Georgina’s Wallartpaper – Shiny Mouths by Xavi Muñoz

This first collection consists of 9 designs, some with colour variations: Pinya’s post-covid rave, Muñoz’s glittery lips, Juan’s elegant it girls, Sarasa’s tailless cats, Guerrero’s Italianized landscapes, sidereal peppers from Marquès or Palma’s labels from Sorell.

Georgina’s Wallartpaper by Tatiana Sarasa

And from Mallorca also comes the “12 volts” wine, from the 4 Kilos Vinícola winery owned by Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero, which was offered at the presentation cocktail on February 17.

Georgina’s Wallartpaper by Albert Pinya