It is just closed Homi, the lifestyles fair, highlighting how Italian style manages to reach a level of excellence in the world. It is exactly the best that Italy has to offer that this edition was about, with particular attention to the production of everyday objects as well as fragrances for the home and everything around the person. A complete panorama that has seen the most daring design alongside more traditional proposals, all expression of a concrete innovation and pursuit of a Made in Italy made with wisdom. One example is for sure the Ceramica Made in Umbria project of young designer Elizabeth Furin, in collaboration with the Regione Umbria: a collection of pottery from twenty-one historical companies of the territory, involved in creating pieces in which craftsmanship and its techniques are separate from traditional connotation and take on the role of innovation and design becoming tools to win the new competitive challenges posed by internationalization. A centuries-old artistic tradition which is renewed creating the objects of a contemporary banquet: analyzing the concept of the symposium, central in classical cultures, it is just what can be easily found in nowadays cocktail parties and convivial venues. Here are the components of the banquet, where the identifying styles of tradition and of the regional territory become decoration for plates, glasses and tools tailored to be privately or commercially used. The lines of classical paintings become three-dimensional geometric motifs of plates and trays. The color reflects the city of origin, talking in different effects with decorations in relief. Material is the main protagonist: the ceramic can even interact with cashmere, an optional luxury representing one of the most important sectors of Umbria production.