Colour and warmth. Entering the hall where the Incipit installation “Mediterraneo Contemporaneo” – created by Arch. Tatiana Milone and Marta Bernstein – is hosted, the visitor finded himself/herself surrounded by an evocative marine atmosphere, where tents, carpet and wallpaper, with their warm colours and their sounds, recalled sand and sea. A new kind of mood for an innovative way of interpreting design: here’s the 2017 by Incipit, a Milanese brand which has made the Italian artisan tradition its own trademark, rediscovering the taste of a Mediterranean know-how. The new projects are spread of warm colours on natural materials such as terracotta, with constant reference to the sun and the sea in the small details. All the products from 2017 Incipit collection, with a richer and more decorative design, are the results of a strict and fruitful collaboration among the designer, the company and Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore, thanks to their artistic and technical supervision.

Incipit rediscovers its own identity linked to the Mediterranean, a sea that has been connecting and dividing peoples and cultures, which have been mixing, merging and contradicting each other for centuries. Incipit employs only natural materials (metals, glasses, marbles, stones, woods, terracotta, ceramic) worked with typically Italian artisan techniques, so to foster local characteristics, thanks to young designers’ fresh point of view; the products show how Incipit’s DNA is pervaded with this crossroad of cultural references from Europe, Africa and Middle East. Small details, colour matches, material and shape combinations: everything contributes to give birth to masterful products.

The traditional fishing tools are the base of the designer Roberto Sironi’s inspiration to conceive Nassa, a vase line by showing warm colours and tactile details, inspired by sky, earth and sea, which recalls fishing nets in its shapes and proportions. Available in two sizes, it is made in ceramic and coloured with slipware; it is characterised by a nautical rope, in cromatic opposition with the vase matter. This small rope acts like a belt, dividing the matt part from the polished one, to recall tradition with a contemporary twist.

Between Incipit’s last news there is Popup by Studio LIDO by Giorgio Laboratore and Ilaria Innocenti, an apparently flat clock, that thanks to an unexpected 3D effect (due to a simple play of folded metal sheets), comes off the wall acquiring depth and volume and becomes an object with a strong graphic impact. By Federica di Biasi and Simone Bonanni: Dama, an object suspended between practical use and decor, silent in the shapes, rich in simple details and precious for practical use. It shows as a versatile system of cylindrical stackable containers with several sizes and colours, suitable to embellish different home spaces. The lid, enriched by a small brass handler, hides a rounded mirror.

Finally, as a completion of Tommaso Caldera’s lamp line, Elmetta Smart, a new version of the table lamp Elmetta, table version of Elma. In this new version, the lamp acquires an even younger and more pop soul through the vivid colours employed on aluminium. The colorful anodized diffuser and the bent metal handle are the same colour in this version, creating a beautiful tone-on-tone effect.

The presence in via Solferino 11 in the heart of Brera Design District and of Milan Design Week, is a very strong signal of how Incipit has grown and matured over the past years, through a constant research of materials and technologies: now it is presenting more sophisticated products, yet always lively, staying faithful to its own style.